What I do:

  • Design websites. Website user experience (UX) design, and information architecture. Site maintenance recommended.
  • Social Media. Develop your social brand with regular posts and interaction with your followers. Determine which social media platforms are right for your business.
  • Branding. Brand development & strategy including logos design, website traffic growth, and SEO.
  • Teach you how to update your stuff. Instruction on content management systems and social media usage.
  • Maintain & Manage your online marketing. From blog posts and social media to backups to securing your site’s info, I take the hassle out of doing it yourself.
  • Print. Effective, gorgeous compositions tailored to you! Business collateral, promotional items, and advertising.
  • Photography and editing. Light photography services, digital photo editing & retouching – illustrate your project with perfectly sized, perfectly corrected photos of your own, or stock photography.**
  • Copywriting / editing. Have your website, brochure, social media, etc written with “one voice”. Backed by over 14 years of marketing experience, effective marketing copy makes all the difference when communicating with your customers,
  • Consulting. Let’s work together to develop the perfect solution for your needs. I can walk you through all the major questions from marketing your business to designing a logo. For some example questions to get you started, check out my FAQ.

What to expect:

  • Free consultation. Let’s discuss your goals. If I can’t create it, I’ll point you in the right direction of someone who can.
  • Rough drafts. I’ll create several design composites for you to choose or mix and match. From there we fine tune your design. Web design is determined by branding and an agreed upon template. Some designs need extra love, so there’s no charge for extra fine tuning.*
  • I handle all the details! Wether you getting your project printed or published, my goal is to create a seamless, no hassle experience from consultation and design development to working with your favorite print shop or web host. Don’t have one? I know several reputable companies. Want to do it yourself? I’ll send over all your files. No hassle guaranteed!
  • Deadlines met.
  • Affordable rates for your budget.
  • 24 hour call/email/text back policy.
  • You’ll always be kept up to date with email or text notifications during the life of your project.
  • You’ll get 100% of your completed artwork upon payment – No hassle guaranteed!
  • Free “design table to your desk top” service – I handle all the details, creating a seamless, no hassle experience from consultation and design development to working with your favorite print shop or web host.

 All services are negotiated at a flat rate within a specific amount of hours. Work outside the scope of the project or one-offs are at my hourly rate of $100.

There are extra costs to such as hosting fees and collateral purchase outlined in extra costs.

Web Design

  • Business Plan and Branding – determine the current business plan, and branding details to use as a marketing blueprint for the website and essential social media.
  • Research – compare your company against the competition, find out the “must haves” of your industry
  • Information Architecture / User Experience – based on the research, design the optimal flow of information on the website.
  • Web design – Concept design & information architecture, based off your business plan.
  • Technology
    • Content Management System (CMS) – easily organizes your data. I primarily use WordPress and Shopify.
    • Easily updatable – very intuitive with  little to no training
    • Wide variety of trusted, secure and versatile templates customized to highlight your branding and your specific needs. Features dependent on template chosen, and customized to business and aesthetic needs.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Tags – modern coding, indexing tools and techniques adhere to the established SEO guidelines depending on the needs of your project.
    • Keywords – strategize your business plan to optimize the wording of your site to optimize keyword recognition.
    • Analytics – find out where your traffic is coming from and why
  • Copywriting, editing – get the content that communicates
  • Photography and image optimization 
  • Responsive design – view your site on all screens from the conference room to the smart phone.
  • Essential Social media – Account setup including content and settings for social media platforms.

Website & Social Media Maintenance

  • Updates to site, blog posts, news, social media posts responded to within 24 hours.
  • Website backups, security, and limited design edits.
  • Training – now that you have an awesome site, learn how to update it
  • Cost: Hourly rate/agreed upon flat rate


  • Initial template – $300 (includes custom buttons)
  • Custom social media buttons (à la carte) – Hourly rate
  • Each new mailer based on template including all new pictures, backgrounds, copy editing/writing – $50

Music Media & Promotion

  • LP Vinyl/CD design for cover, back, and disc art – $1000
    Each additional panel – $250
  • Posters, flyers, t-shirt design one side – $200

Print Advertising – Magazines, newspapers, etc

  • Less than half page –  $300
  • Half page to full-page – $600
  • Double truck (two page spread) – $1000
  • Same ad at different sizes billed at hourly rate.

Identity Package – $1500

  • Logo design –  A la carte $500
  • Business cards, First 4 people included with logo design – A la carte $250
  • Stationary, letterhead and email logo included with logo design – A la carte $150 with existing logo
  • Marketing collateral designed for your brand including shirts, hats, buttons, pens, stickers, posters, etc – A la carte $500 for up to 3 items

Business/Promotional Collateral

  • Direct mail postcards – $300
  • Brochures tri-fold and bi-fold – $100/ panel
  • 2 sided slick sheets/fact sheets – $300
  • Flyers, basic one-side – $200
  • Point of sale posters – $300 (bundle with more promo items and save!)
  • Marketing collateral designed for your brand including shirts, hats, buttons, pens, stickers, posters, etc – A la carte $500 for up to 3 items

Web & Print: Extra costs for outside items/services

There are some extra costs that aren’t included into the flat rate, like web hosting fees, photos and photography, licenses,  etc.

  • Project Kitty – 10% upfront of total cost of project for photography and licensing. I refund any unused amount, or apply it to maintenance or additional services.
  • Domain name, web host setup, and email – If you don’t have a host or a domain name I can help you find one, and get your email running from your very own domain! I like to set this up separately, so that you always have total control of your own web host and monthly billing. Automatic billing is highly recommended to avoid downtime or loss of domain. Set up of your host is included in the website cost, but your domain name and hosting fees are at an additional cost.


*Composites and fine tuning are created in the “development” and “finishing touches” time frame established for your project. Any fine tuning outside of this time frame will push the project time line further out, and may be charged at my hourly rate. I will always consult with you before so you’ll never get a bill for work you don’t approve in advance.

*Any design change of more than 30% to the design structure is considered a complete rework, and will be billed at the regular hourly rate.

**Stock photography included in the Project Kitty, but will be billed in case the Project Kitty runs out. I work with reputable, affordable sites that provide excellent photography quality and licenses. No fear of