Quikturn Professional Screenprinting, Inc

Quikturn is a high volume professional screenprinting operation that focuses on speed, quality, customer service, and their local presence. They are very high-tech, super friendly, and love what they do. In turn their customers love them right back.

Their prospective customers searching for screenprinters on-line had a lot of trouble finding them. In fact they were not ranking on any google search at all, even when typing in their name.

The mission

  1. Create a website that is as high-tech as Quikturn is, has all the necessary information a customer would be looking for, and a friendly feel.
  2. Create a blog section that could regularly be updated with all the new techniques and inks coming out of their R&D department.
  3. Develop and easy to use information architecture
  4. Develop an SEO strategy
  5. Write copy, taglines, and elevator pitch
  6. Personalize the site as much as possible by using only on site photos and videos. Photograph, and edit photos and video for the site.
  7. Develop a social media campaign that is effortlessly updatable, and provides a multi-faceted web presence.
  8. Establish analytics to track the site, and submitted the site and business information to various search engines, and business search vehicles.

Immediate measures of success

Within one week, Quikturn acquired a new client from their new website who claimed “After seeing your website, it was clear that your business and mine would be the perfect marriage”.

Within 2 weeks, their website and Facebook pages ranked on page 1 of google when searching for screenprinters in the area; and by the month’s end, it moved up another 3 spaces positions.

View Quikturn’s site below: