Orange County Foot & Ankle Group

Orange County Foot & Ankle Group is a rapidly growing podiatry office that specializes in foot & ankle care and surgery. It has two locations in the Orange County area. They are beloved by their patients, and provide comprehensive, expert care.

Their existing site needed modernization, improved search engine results, and they wanted to focus more on their social media campaign. Their goal was to add more patients and add two more doctors in the coming year.

The plan

Their existing site used a specialty content management system (CMS) built for doctors in mind. It had a robust and comprehensive patient education library, appointment and contact forms, and blog template, but lacked modern website technology and style. Working with the CMS company I fully customize a new template to deliver a modern responsive design. I took advantage of the CMS’ self building tools to edit their existing content into an intuitive information architecture, and developed page content to speak with one voice. Additionally I optimized their photos, suggested new ones to be taken, and mixed in some stock photography for the blogs.

I also sorted through hundred of positive reviews and added them to the site.

Social media had been set up for the podiatrist, but many were lesser used and more importantly, there were way too many to maintain in any meaningful way. I pared down their social media to focus on Yelp, Facebook, Google+, and to a lesser degree Twitter. I also added new photos and continue to post new blogs, edited from a wealth of podiatric news releases they subscribe to.

The results

Their organic search engine results placed them in the top 5 of Google’s first page. 90% of Yelp traffic to their website yields appointments. They have high amounts of traffic lasting at least 2.5 minutes and a very small 9% bounce rate. They get many appointments from the form on their website, and have enjoy so much business, they hired 3 new doctors instead of the goal of two, and doubled their practice space in their flagship office.

View Orange County Foot & Ankle Group’s site below