Music media

For my band, broaddaylight, I have created a wide variety of print media from album covers posters to t-shirts and flyers. Our music style is layered and textured, with a dreamy feel. We wanted to reflect that in our band art work.

We have a love of 19th century fine art, and a special appreciation of artists that were ahead of their time. Our first album, The Bell Jar EP, uses a Edward Degas photograph, one of the first of its kind.

The second album, Stars Out EP, includes John Singer Sargent’s highly controversial painting Madame X. In and ode to our love of Japanese culture, we chose to have our band name and title carefully translated into Japanese.

The third album, Anniversaries:Reunions continues the fine art theme. We fell in love with two paintings by Giovanni Boldini, Portrait of Princess Marthe-Lucile Bibesco and Spanish Dancer at the Moulin Rouge. Friend of Edgar Degas and contemporary to Sargent his work and style were forefront of the Belle Epoch era in Paris.