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Print Advertising

I worked for the AT&T yellow pages for over 10 years and designed custom advertising for hundreds of customers, in all shapes and sizes. In that time I discovered my strengths were in strategizing design approach, color & composition, and writing compelling sales copy. The last 5 years I ran a solo shop and enjoyed working
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TTSI Logistics website

TTSI Logistics Website

An easy to navigate website that acts as a portfolio of services and projects View the TTSI Logistics website below

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Music media

For my band, broaddaylight, I have created a wide variety of print media from album covers posters to t-shirts and flyers. Our music style is layered and textured, with a dreamy feel. We wanted to reflect that in our band art work. We have a love of 19th century fine art, and a special appreciation
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TTSI Owner Operators website

TTSI Operators Website

Provide information to Independent Owner Operators about partnership opportunities with TTSI. Website reflects same branding as the parent TTS website, and features a responsive design. View the TTSI Independent Operators site below

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Misc projects

Here are a few samples of direct mail, point of sale poster, and other miscellaneous print projects

Trandata Technologies website

Trandata Technologies Website

Create a brochure style site for the Trandata’s Software, using HTML & CSS View Trandata’s website below

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