Angel On My Shoulder website

Angel On My Shoulder is a non-profit organization dedicated to health care advocacy, especially to patients and families of patients at end of life. Made up entirely of nurses who have worked in the health care industry since the early 80s, they know the industry inside and out, are a great source of knowledge, and are devoted to their clients independence. Their tagline says it all “Providing peace of mind and individual integrity”.

The plan

  • Website redesign
  • Social media

Their current marketing strategy was by word of mouth and brochures in doctor’s offices. They needed a new site that would be a source of information, news and events for current clients, as well as to inform and engage prospective clients.

One of their biggest marketing strengths is the treasure trove of stories and testimonials. If her clients would write her hand-written letters of thanks, they might just do the same online. Additionally, it was important for the families of patients to have access to this information, in case a potential client was unable to access it themselves. So I added Yelp and Facebook to the marketing roster, in efforts to target the younger generations. For the website, a special section was dedicated to these stories, a prominently displayed on the home page.


The website uses a custom Joomla CMS template, Twitter’s Bootstrap responsive design framework, and adhere’s to google’s webmaster guidelines to make it more search engine friendly (SEO).

The results

In the 3 months that the site has been online, and her social media marketing active, her user rate is 70% new visitors to 30% return visitors, with 50% of visitors under the age of 35, and equal visits from both men and women. She has recently added another nurse to take on the workload.

View Angel On My Shoulder’s site below