Amber Resources Website

Amber Resources is a family of 8 full service petroleum distribution companies with deep community roots across Southern California, and they’re growing. They are at the top of their market in service, diversity, and ingenuity; however their online presence was fragmented. They used many sites to represent the family of companies individually, were difficult to find on-line, and needed general modernization.


Unify the family of companies under one parent website to emphasize their strengths, and celebrate their deep history. Provide a modern responsive platform for their growing company to add in new locations into the family online.

Additionally, it was important to give a clear sense of orientation for customers landing on the website who were familiar with only one arm of the family. Working to the benefit of the customer, he/she would be introduced to the full capabilities of Amber Resources as a whole.

Project Scope

Strengthen amber resources online presence and rebrand by uniting the divisions under one amber resources banner.

Phase 1

I custom designed an existing modern responsive WordPress template, and developed an information architecture to suit the needs of the business and their clients. Immediately implement a keyword strategy for the web side of SEO, professionally photograph locations, and provide consulting, and copyediting.

Phase 2

Strengthen Amber Resources online presence. Incorporate data from google analytics to better understand user behavior, create a careers section, utilize marketing channels including google business, facebook, and linkedin. Currently on-going…

View Amber Resources’ site below: